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USMC US Army Olive Drab OD BDU Uniform Shirt Pants


I bought this for a base layer for my Nam loadout and it works quite well. I say quite well because the trousers are good but the top has far too much Velcro and pockets to pass as a Nam US jacket. The quality is really good with it being made of Ripstock pattern, which is always nice. The size fits me perfectly but all ways check as imported sizes are never what you expect. The colour is good and there are enough pockets on the trousers to store things you might not be able to else where. The drawstring waist on the trousers is quite nice too, simple but welcomed.

I think for the price of the BDU there isn't much I can fault this for, a solid buy and worth the price.
Date Added: 03/15/2010 by Daniel Harrold
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