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USMC Molle Combat Assault Plate Carrier Vest OD


Vest looks good and fits me well. I'm 5'10" 175 lbs. At the waist it is at the tightest and fits good, plenty of room for expansion. Vertically it is limited, there is 4" of velcro on the shoulders for adjustment vertically. The vest is about 15.5" in the front and 17.5" in the back. People with longer torsos might have a problem. The metal wires that hold the quick releases on the shoulder and sides keeps slipping out. the wires are connected to the ring you see at the bottom on the front of the vest. Pulling this ring pulls the wires out of the quick releases allowing the front and back of the vest to be separated. I guess this is to get the vest off somene that is wounded quickly. I don't think you'll need this playing airsoft. Easy to just remove the wires and tie off the quick releases with zip ties or shoe laces. Even with the quick releases secured with zip ties or laces, the shoulder and sides are still fully adjustable. One of my buttons on the mag pouches alreday broke off, maybe it was defective. the vest is very easy to put on and take off. I just undo one side, slip my head and arm through the other side and fasten the one side. It comes with dummy foam plates for extra protection or to make it look like you have plates. I didn't use them. I'm pretty happy with the vest. Time will tell how durable it is.
Date Added: 02/06/2011 by Albert Chin
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