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USMC Molle Combat Assault Plate Carrier Vest OD


Got this a few months ago and have fielded it 4 times since. The mag pouches fit my G36c mags with some adjustment. I stand 5'9" at 160 lbs and fits me snug with minor adjustments.
One time when crawling though, the triple mag pouch almost came off the vest as one of the Molle straps ripped off. The button clips or whatever u call it would not snap properly anymore. So I had to sew the strap on as well as strenghten the others. I had to use pliers to "restructure" the snap-ons to make them work again. Last Saturday, the medic pouch started to come off as the snap-ons weren't holding and I ended up looking for the missing pouch later. Also the MOLLE stiching over the vest is not spaced out uniformly so some of the MOLLE pouches would need to be reconfigured to fit on this.
Airsoft-Club has good customer service though that they refunded a small portion of the price for my troubles.
All in all, I would still recommend it for the budget conscious buyer.
Date Added: 12/21/2011 by Eric Samonte
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