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USMC Digital Camo Woodland BDU Uniform Shirt Pants


Probarbly the most realistic MARPAT REPLICA uniform you will be able to get your mits on! Both the Jacket and Trousers are very comfortable, easily adjusted and very realistic. The only things that I could possibly fault is that it dosen't initially provide a velcro strip for your nametape but this really dosen't matter because it is usually covered with a vest of some kind. Also that every clothes company makes the assumption that if you are tall, you are wide round the middle, well that is not the case sometimes.. I am 6ft 3in (1.95 Meters) tall which warrants X-Large but I am not very big round the waist so it is very loose because I am tall but not filling. But, back to the good stuff...

The arm pockets are very nice but possibly the least obvious but most striking feature of all is the EGA symbol (The Eagle, Globe and Anchor) which is concidered the trademark of the Marine Corps... Again, very nice but that is sorta copyright infringement but I am not complaining because it is cool! If you look at a real MARPAT BDU set and you compared this one and all the other ones on this site to see what is the most realistic in terms of design and colour, this one would probarbly come out on top! All in all, a great very comfortable and great looking product! Highly reccomended! Great buy!
Date Added: 04/06/2010 by Joshua Homer
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