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USMC Army Tactical Combat Shirt Type A Multi Camo


Tried this on as soon as it arrived and found it to be a little too tight and stiff, but after one wash it came out a lot more comfortable. The torso didn't overheat as I expected it might from the clingy material, instead provided a snug but flexible fit. The sleeves remain a little stiff and rigid which feels slightly odd when you put it on but once in a game I didn't notice this at all - in fact I was glad for the protection provided against hits to the arm and crawling around. Perfect partner to the matching combat vest (Model: AS808) with the addition of scrim or a shemagh to cover the uncamouflaged V left at the neck. Multi camo looks great and in my experience is distinctive outside of a game and effective once in one.

Keep an eye on the size chart as I think this item may come up slightly smaller than what you'd normally expect from a 'small' 'medium' or 'large'. Plenty of give in it though, especially after a wash so wouldn't worry too much.
Date Added: 10/05/2009 by James Barton
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