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US Army Desert Tiger Stripe Camo BDU Uniform Set


Shipping/Packaging: It took around 2 days for them to ship and they send out an update via email. After that it took about 2 weeks to get here to Linwood, NC. The packaging was good too.

The Product: Now time for the part your here for the product. For awhile now I have been looking into getting some desert tigerstripes but never wanted to fork out the cash for the Tru Spec ones. After looking through the ASC website I stumbled across these and decided to try them out. The quality on them is actually right on par with the Tru Spec gear I have used. The stitching on it seems to be decent its obviously not nearly as good as any of the issued gear I own but it will stand up to some abuse and be fine for any normal airsoft game. To my surprise these do not seem to be fading at all after the first few washes which is surprising compared to the other clone uniforms I have used.(Note: these are in ACU cut which is great)

Overall: I would give this a 6/10 due to the fact some of the stitching is kind of iffy but it makes up for that in its ability to not fade as quickly

Pics to come later
Date Added: 02/18/2010 by david fitzgerald
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