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Tactical Airsoft Sport Style Goggle Safety Glasses Black


Very good goggles for the price. Tested them at the field by shooting them about 5 steps away with an AEG firing ~350FPS with .20s twice, only very minor scuff marks, so the quality is good. There is the problem of fogging, even when you're sitting and relaxed, but I bought some Revision Anti-fog Wipes, and they work wonders. Just one thing I kinda regret is getting the tinted lenses instead of clear, because it gets harder to see as the sun goes down, especially in a wooded area. Also, it will take some time to break in the foam padding and the frame, because I got a wicked headache the first time I used them at a game, but I'm getting use to them. Aside from that, I would highly recommend these for anyone who's on a budget and wants goggles that are low enough in profile to wear with a baseball cap forward, a helmet or a boonie (I've tested all three, and they work great). It's just 4/5 because of the fogging, but just get some Revision wipes and you'll be just fine.
Date Added: 07/24/2013 by Shane Smeed
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