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Snicker 360 Gas Powered MKII Grenade Olive Drab OD


I was very dissapointed with this grenade. I was hoping to get a grenade with a 5 second fuse on it that would be good for breaching buildings. My first issue was that the grenade went off almost instantly after I threw it. It didn't even hit the ground before going off, in fact, most of the times I tried using this it detonated before I was clear of the blast radius. Another issue is that the grenade rarely ejects the bb's. Only a few times did this grenade release most of the bb's. In addition, the grenade only has a 360 degree blast radius when it is standing while detonated. Finally, the grenade is not very loud when it goes off. I'm not looking for something very loud, but I want people to know a grenade went off near them, which this grenade is just too quiet to do.
Date Added: 01/11/2012 by Ben Purdy
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