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OTV Body Armor Carrier Tactical Vest Coyote Brown


Brilliant deal! The vest is very lightweight, comfortable and pads well against airsoft BBs! It isn't 100% true to the real Marine Corps OTV but is a great replica and will do for Airsoft, Paintball or reenactment needs perfectly! The PALS ladders are great and easy to use! Can get a little tight around the neck, but it is easy to walk around in, draw magazines to reload and get your water canteen out of! I'd also reccomend you buy the Coyote Tan Camelbak pouch to fit onto the rear of the vest! Upon arrival, I'd reccomend (out of personal experience) rearranging the pouches, having the rifle magazine pouchesspread along the front-bottom half and crammed together as tight as the PALS ladder allows and on one side (Depending on which hand is dominant) having the water canteen pouch on the furthest side from your dominant hand. Pistol magazine/Grenade pouches should be mounted much higher than these on the side furthest from your dominant hand. I'd reccomend getting more magazine pouches too! The only thing that I didn't really find comfortable is the shoulder pads, these can quickly be removed and is very comfortable after!

(Note: Although it might look quite like an "Arid" camouflage colour, it works very well in the woodland aswell!)

It is great for a tacitcal vest that is comfortable and easy to use, can be a pain to close up and could do with more pouches, but it is such a great vest for all the features that I have to give it a 5/5!
Date Added: 11/13/2009 by Joshua Homer
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