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Multi 4 Reticle Red/Green Dot Sight Reflex Black


I received this sight as a birthday present in Feb but waited until i had to oportunity to skirmish with it before writing a review. I was really impressed with sight straight out of the box. The body of the sight is mostly metal and is suprisingly weighty for it's fairly small size, it feels really robust and that it could take some punishment but only time will tell. The reticle is projected crisply and clearly and the ability to select different cross hairs of varying brightness sholuld keep everyone happy - I played on a fairly grey day at a woodland site and the middle brightness setting with the red rets were more than adequate. The selection switchs for the reticle shape are really frim and settle into place with a positive click - no danger of slipping and therefore loosing the reticle when running through the woods. Zeroing the site is dead easy unfortunately its adjusted with an allen key so not the most practle thing mid game but not the end of the world either. Once dialed in, again there is no slip when running about. All in all a great sight, great value for money and will sit on top of my M4 for some time to come.
Date Added: 03/10/2011 by Matthew Price
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