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MICH TC-2000 ACH Replica Helmet OD


First impression of the helmet was really good - harsh surface immitating material of the original, good feeling weight, comfortable system of adjustment using pads and straps more precisely and reliably fixing the helmet on the head - that felt really good. But then, a more detailed overview revealed that the item has a flaw - first I thought that the problem is in assymetric holes for fixtures which attach straps to the helmet itself. But the measuring I made after proved that the problem is in the item - it is just assymetric and one hemisphere covering an ear is a little bit ahead of the other one on the other side. So when you put the helmet on you feel slight discomfort and it looks like it fits wrong. I don't know why it is so but facts are stubborn things and the helmet (at least mine) have a flaw. I rate it 3 stars.
Date Added: 08/25/2010 by Igor Andreyev
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