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M6X CREE LED Flashlight & Red Laser w/ IR Infrared Filter Black


I bought this with the idea of switching it between my WE SCAR rifle, and my WE M92 pistol.

It fits well on my SCAR and looks great!

Unfortunately It doesn't mount on my M92 pistol, it's just too big. (much bigger then I expected.) It may fit some pistols with a longer rail, but my M92 only has a single 'notch' on it's rail, too far back to attach this.

The torch is VERY bright, absolutely love it. When used indoors the light will bounce off walls and illuminate the entire room. Can also be used to blind your enemies.

The laser is bright and powerful. I had no problem putting a nice red dot on targets far out of range of my rifle.

BE AWARE! - There is a little tool that screws onto the front. It's used to adjust/zero the laser. On mine it came out very easily, so I keep it in my rifle case to avoid loosing it.

All in all, it's a good product for the price. It performs well, and looks damn sexy on an assault rifle. I highly recommend this product.
Date Added: 09/20/2012 by Karl Patalla
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