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Holographic Tactical 553 Type Red/Green Reflex Dot Sight Tan


553 arrived a few days ago and i must say the build quality and looks are amazing! Great quality and although the tan colour is a little 'bronzy' and metalic looking, it actually looks pretty good on my M4.

I have no ghosting at all and both red and green functions work flaswlessly. This is actually better to look through then my old G&P 551.

The reason for 4 stars was because it was a very very VERY tight fit on my top receiver rail. I actually had to sand a tiny bit off the scope mountingplate so it would fit on. This took a while, but no big deal relly.

Love the fact the 553 takes normal batteries.

Very happy, markings all look correct and for the money its a very good buy. Still quite pricy once you factor in shipping etc. (Took 12 days to arrive to UK).

But i like it, looks good, performs well.

A very good Eotech and a great contender for the usual high grade makes.
Date Added: 09/09/2011 by Phil Bailey
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