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Holographic Tactical 551 Type Red/Green Reflex Dot Sight


So exactly a week ago from this day I ordered this 551 holographic sight. Upon unboxing the sight, I found the instructions, the sight itself, a lens cleaner, batteries, a rubber dust cover, and a small bag containing some unknown parts(?). After putting the batteries in and turning it on, I was glad I ordered this. The sight is all metal except for the battery cover (made of rubber) and the lens (obviously).
After I put it on my gun, I noticed that the sight didn't attach to the RIS rail correctly. The bar that attaches to the gun is slightly to thin and causes the sight to slide a little in the space. Maybe it's just my gun's rail, but overall not a big deal. It only wobbles if you actually *try* to move it.
Anyway, I was surprised to find that the sight is actually paralax free even though it's just a replica. For those of you who don't know, when a sight is paralax free, no matter which angle you look at the sight from, it will still stay on the target you're aiming at.
The gun has 20 brightness settings plus 20 for the green dot, so there's a brightness for every situation. However, the dot is pretty hard to see clearly in brightly lit areas, but for woodland warfare and CQB, this isn't a problem.
Although the red/green brightness selection is great, the green dot does ghost a lot. For those of you who don't know, ghosting is when you can see the reflection of the dot behind the actual dot being produced. Although there is a little bit of ghost on the red dot, the green dot is still a problem. To remedy the situation, it's best to use the brightest setting so you can see the dot without seeing any ghosting.
Using the windage/elevation adjustment, it's very simple to sight in the reticle to high degree of accuracy. It only takes a minute to adjust the reticle to the proper aiming point. This is even easier if you have your iron sights adjusted; you just have to put the middle dot on the tip of the front sight.
Overall, the reason I only give this 4 out of 5 stars is due to the minor ghosting problem and the slightly wobbly mount. If you are thinking about getting this sight, I woyld definitely recommend it.
Date Added: 08/07/2011 by Garrett Barfield
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