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Guarder C5 Anti Fog Tactical Airsoft SWAT Army Goggle


So I submitted the other review almost 2 years ago... These goggles have held up nicely over that span! They REALLY are anti-fog. I live in Ohio, so it is pretty humid in the summer months and these rarely ever have an issue. I never added a fan to them because of how good they are with not fogging even in bad conditions. If you sit still for hours on end they may have some moisture build up... But so will any other goggle system on the market.
After 2 years of abuse they do have a few scratches on the lens. These goggles are smaller than some, but larger than others. They are definitely smaller than your typical paintball goggles. They could be just a little wider, but they do the job.
After a team-mate lost a tooth last year, I took one of those wire mesh masks, cut it down a bunch and attached it directly to the bottom of the goggles (used 2 small bolts/nuts). Saved my teeth a few times at Operation Irene last year and several times around Ohio. Because of the flexibility of the goggle and this added level of protection without being bulky or heavy, I think its probably the best goggle/mask setup I have seen.
Date Added: 09/13/2012 by Eric Gallagan
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