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Gen 4 Hoodie Soft Shell Waterproof Jacket OD


Our team was looking into getting some soft shell jackets mainly so we had something piratical and unified. Dennis over at Airsoft Club informed us that he had some soft shells available that we may be interested in, so we had a look. They looked greatly and virtually 100% of what we were looking for, although the pictures made them look a bit shiny and harder than a regular soft shell. We made a small order to see what they were like... and we were not disappointed.

The feel is much softer than we had expected, definitely soft shell but still not quite. The quality of the stitching and general work was very good, the statement about them being waterproof I'm not too sure about but I'm sure it will get tested in Scottish weather. There are plenty of pockets and some nice Velcro patch spots, perfect for the Duck and name-tapes.

Well I like my jacket so much that I wear it out with Airsoft too, and we are hoping to get our patch sewing on soon so there will be more pictures of that when its done. Overall we are very satisfied and will be ordering more soon.
Date Added: 04/05/2010 by Daniel Harrold
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