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Full Face Ghost Recon Airsoft Mesh Goggle Mask Black


this is actually a very good mask! so far its stood upt to bing dropped multiple times with out cracking. i have noticed that if you put too much stress on the clips they will break and ive had to ducttape two back together. ALWAYS unclip at least one before you take it off. ive had mone for about a year the plastic seems a bit brittle and it has a few cracks around the strap connectors but so far it hasnt fallen apart or anything. the foam in side the mask is poorly attached and will probably fall out, i would suggest glueing them in further away from your nose as the original placement pinches your nose and if you wear a mask or hankercheif they will push it on your nose cuting off airflow wich is anoying i cut the edge off mine. over all it rocks and if mine ever breaks i will buy another without hesitation.
Date Added: 04/28/2012 by Will Campbell
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