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Fidragon ST-08 Airsoft AEG Shooting Chronograph


With a few of our resident Duck's constantly tweaking and exploring their AEG's we thought it time that the Ducks had an 'Official' Chrono. Now thanks to Airsoft Club we do! For those that don't know what a Chrono (or Chronograph to be more precise) is then here is a quick explanation:

"A gun chronograph is an instrument used to measure the velocity of a projectile fired by a gun."

Or in this case an AEG...

So with that out the way you can probably see why its handy, site limits need to be adhered too so we need to make sure our AEG's are not breaching these limits. Many other local players all ready have a Chrono and they were kind enough to let us use it every now and then - and they actually own the exact same model. No batteries come with this but that's fine, what you do get is a nice little tripod stand so you can set it up correctly before testing. Great stuff.

Anyway its a great little tool that can make or break arguments! Well worth the purchase.
Date Added: 07/27/2010 by Daniel Harrold
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