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Element G27 Pistol Grip for M4 / M16 Black


I ordered this product after reading a few reviews elsewhere saying how terrible it is because it wont fit and doesn't align properly and is too big for people hand but too small for the motor and many other comments along those lines. My goal was to make it fit and work because this is the cheapest ergo grip available for an airsoft AEG. Knowing what I was in for, I went to work on it. Here's how the process went:

First off, this grip was purchased for my JG M4 S-System. This is the gun that I've spent the most money upgrading and pretty much the only thing left was to get an ergonomic grip instead of the standard plastic pistol grip.
Now, the first thing I tried to do was simply remove my old grip and replace it with this grip without any modification. That didn't quite work so well: there were two problems with that right away.
The first problem was that the grip wouldn't properly fit onto the gearbox ledge of the gun because the rear protrusion of the grip(the top left of the first picture, right where the "v" is formed on the inside) was not milled far enough back. it needed about another half centimeter to be taken off so i sanded and then precision filed the inner angle back along the top just enough to allow it to slide into position on the gearbox ledge.
The second problem was that the motor did not fit all the way down in the grip without quite a fair bit of force, which is unacceptable for two reasons: 1st, the motor needs to be slightly loose so that the spring and screw on the place can fine-tune it right into position. If it is too tight, it will stay in the same position and that can lead to damaged gears. 2nd, the tabs for slotting the wires on were pushed right up against the wall so that the wires wouldn't connect.
These issues were fixed via the use of a Dremel tool. I used a medium grit sanding tip and lightly went around the entire inside of the grip to allow the motor to bounce with it's spring. Next, I focused the sanding tip right where the wires connect to the motor and drilled little slots to allow them to fit properly while still being slightly snug to ensure that they don't fall off.
Now that the first two problems were fixed, I set about trying to attach the grip again. It went much more smoothly this time but there were still some areas in need of sanding. The hole for the motor needed to have a hair shaved off in the inside. This was accomplished by twisting a Phillips screwdriver in the hole. The only other issue was that it required a fair bit of muscle to align properly because the top of the grip was still very snug with the gearbox but I didnít sand anymore because Iíd rather have a snug grip than a loose, wobbly one.
After all of this work, I finally managed to thread the wires, secure the grip with my old screws, insert the motor and secure it with my old motor plate(very snug fit, but now incredibly secure), and fine tune the motor into itís proper position.
The gun now fires great and looks and feels even greater. Iíd recommend this grip only to those who have the tools and a spare 30 to 45 minutes for installation. It looks great and is way more comfortable that the standard pistol grip.

Four stars because the price makes the half hour of installation worth it.
Date Added: 08/26/2012 by Travis Cook
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