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Element Delta Ring Set for M4/M16 Series AEG


this came nicely packed. i took it out and thats when the dissapointment came. at felt like a good bit of kit but the paint job felt unprofessional. which was fine for me i didnt really mind. so i went to work taking my gun appart looking forward to adding the final peice. i started screwing it on when it jammed. it had caught the thread but no more. my heart sunk. so after hours of telling myself that it was me being stupid and that i was doing it wrong. i asked my father who was there at the time. and as he was puzzleing away he could see something wasnt right. it turned out that it not only had a dogy paint job but the factory hadnt threaded it corectly. the thread was scratched in with no depth. so my father went to our local nuclear power plant where he works and got some of his engineer friends to look at it. they agreed that it was unfinished but they had no tools to continue the job. luckely laiter my father found the right threading tool and finished it. unfortunatly it still needs a washer. and odly shaped one which will take another few days to get machined. this will then hold the barrel on tightly. all this for a delta ring so if your buying this be aware that you might have to go through the same steps i had to.
Date Added: 08/29/2011 by alexander peddie
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