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Deluxe Airsoft Tactical Combat Mesh Vest Black


I bought this before it became "Deluxe", only difference is 2 MOLLE/webbing Pistol mag pouches (which total to a 4th of this products cost so another great deal!) but anyways to the review, its a great all round vest, each of the large magazine pouches (6 of them in total) can hold 2 5.56 (M4/16/14, HK416, G36, AUG etc) in each, or 4 Long 9mm/45. magazines (MP5, TMP, UZI , MAC 10/11 etc, wont fit any UMP/UMG as they are too long), the pouch with the shotgun shell holder as great, it fits pistol magazines, shotgun magazines, sniper magazines, Shotgun shells inside it, and the shotgun shell strip holder holes shells parfectly and is also removable as its velrco, so an emblem or badge etc can go there if you dont want it on, the 3 thin magazines are smaller then they look, they can hold pistol mags and speed loaders, tools or small stick Pyrotenchics (manly small flares/flashbangs/smoke grenades) and finaly the pouch right at the top on the shoulder can hold 2 shotgun shells or tools or anything matchbox or ciggarette box sized inside, and on the back its covered in MOLLE/webbing incase you feel you need more fun stuff :), also the belt IS included and is very strong and totaly adjustable, finishes the vest off and completes it to make it one of the best vests ive ever handled, only bad thing i could possibly say is the size adjusting straps on each side are easll adjusted, but can loosen easily, it can be solved byt just tucking them inside though :)
Date Added: 01/29/2010 by Harry Osler
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