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CGL Tactical Grip Foregrip Red Laser with White LED Light Black


As a foregrip, the CGL tactical grip is quite functional and fits a 20mm rail satisfactorily (with minimal, but noticable wobble -- I'm sure it can be tightened to satisfaction but have not yet taken the time)

All the light settings work, and I'm actually impressed with the power of the single white LED light, which will illuminate objects at 20 feet, however the LASER came off center (upon visual inspection it was pointing down and too the right) and has no instructions on how to adjust it (and all adjustment points do not seem to work)

It bears COLT lasemax trademarks, but it CLEARLY not manufactured in the USA, and does not adhere to the COLT standard. I would be suprised if these were being produced with COLT's knowledge.
Date Added: 08/30/2010 by James Liboiron
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