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D-Boys MOD Crane Stock for M4 / M16 Black


This stock seems like such a great idea and really would be if it worked and fit wayyyyy better. It slides around on the buffer tube it came with without locking into place because the post in the stock isnt long enough to click into the position holes. I would have been ok with this if it were only on this tube as i like the one on my gun a lot more. However, the stock is extremely loose on all other buffer tubes ive tried it on and it only barely locks on one of them. The post goes a few millimeters in, so with the pressure placed on it while shooting, it is prone to loosing its position and suddenly sliding all the way forward.
Overall, the stock is comfortable when it works and stays, but it mostly just slides around without locking, thus rendering it useless for my needs. I cant recommend purchasing it.
Date Added: 08/18/2012 by Travis Cook
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