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Army Force Enhanced Upgrade Kit for L96 Type Airsoft Sniper

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Some notes on this:
First, airsoft club was great, they shipped the product from their warehouse to Florida, USA in 7 days total. Many thanks.

For those considering purchasing this, I recommend that you go to and search for this product. Read the threads by 1tonne and MicahFett.

The gist is this: very few of the parts fit properly. I installed this on a Well MB08 type 96 and it was a challenge. Parts need to be resized with files, holes are drilled off center... It is a challenge to install. It may be worth is as an iinexpensive way to upgrade most of the internals all at once, but it comes at a price.

The materials are pretty rugged and can be made to work, but a lot of the parts probably aren't a significant upgrade. I couldn't make the spring work well, the piston is not very good, the barrel spacer is not great, spring bolt stopper is worse than the stock one. The trigger set is better than stock with some minor changes detailed in the posts that I reference. The cylinder is an upgrade.

Overall I'd call it a wash. It was a fun project to get working but I would not buy it again.
Date Added: 10/07/2015 by Micah Leis
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