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Airsoft Paintball No Fog Metal Mesh Goggle Glasses Tan


They don’t look much but they have an endearing feature for those who need to wear glasses and have trouble seeing through iron sights due to this problem… The tiny holes restrict light and bring light rays to a finer cone of focus or point similar to stopping a camera lens down for more depth of field.. For those who have to where glasses to see sights this little fellow will help to clear that up some what due to the above feature. With the naked eye iron sights are out of the question for me but with this protection device this added benefit we can shoot using an iron swith out the aid of glasses. Things are still a bit “fuzzy” but we don’t have much problem putting holes in the right spot on the down range paper using these. For the price what have you got to loose particularly if the world was not as clear as it once was….
Date Added: 03/28/2011 by Ross Stockwell
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