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A&K Paintball/BB 40mm Gas Grenade Cartridge Long Silver


In comparison to ICS grenades this grenade dominates on the performance field and lacks in actual design. If you are looking 4 a grenade i would go with this or army Force's paintball grenade. the single chamber allows 4 BB's to be randomly piled on eachother just like a shotgun shell which causes a wider spread where as the other grenades multiple single tubes act as a guide more or less have a tighter pattern which clearly isnt the intention. also the plug at the end i found allowed for more pressure build up inside the holding chamber before friction broke and bb's shot- this caused greater velocity,range, and sound, this feature other grenades lack entirely or use a plastic cap that snaps tight to an o ring which does no good due to there design the bb's fly out and smack the cap first popping it off than gas miscombobulated bb's all fly out. on the other hand this grenade structural design lacks in field of servicing internal parts because of the loosly held ball bearings which makes a huge pain when internal lubrication is required. as far as paintballs go 1-2 is good 4 is bad, try dotting super glue to a little bit of a ball and glue it to the back side of the plug, this works real well.
Date Added: 06/03/2012 by Jason Kafura
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