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4x Red/Green Dot Rubber Shell Elcan Type Sight Rifle Scope


The scope is solidly built, it's a perfect fit for the M4 I've been using. I've zero'd the scope to the weapon, and it's very accurate. The magnification is very good and the sight picture is sharp and clear. I've used it on a range and as mention once the zero has been found is spot on. Target acquisition is good, I found the transition from both eyes open to acquire the target to one eye closed for the shot quick and easy. So far good bit of kit, and in my opinion a better battlefield alternative to the ACOG red dot I have been using. Not sure what it will be like in a FIBUA or (FISH) situation. Probably stick with the EOTech for FIBUA type mission and use the Elcan as my all round scope. The back up sight on top are a little shallow, but are useable and reasonable accurate. Overall I'd say it does its job and a fantastic option for those of us who for what ever reason prefer a non illuminated sight!
Date Added: 11/07/2012 by Robert Shaw
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