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USMC Marine Military Assault Tactical Flight Gloves OD


Well, I have had two pairs of these gloves from this very site and I was happy with both pairs but they are conciderably diffrent...

They both share the traits of being very comfortable and insulating, and also are make holding a 8.5 LB rifle all day a little more managable...

They are a copy of the NOMEX flight glove which were designed for fightert pilots and some versions for racing drivers because they are fireproof. However, I doubt something that is worth 3 is going to be complex fireproof material but I woulden't like to bet my hands on them trying to find out...

The first pair I got were exactly as shown on the photo externally but on the inside, it was just black and the pieces of where the fabric and leather were sewn and pices of elastic to keep them snug, I have got big hands so don't worry if you are like me but if your hands are very petite, you might want to concider another type of glove (Like those carbon knuckle ones) else or get them pumped up with sterroids like John Cena! XD

But the internals are just showing all of their inner workings... Now, wheter the store has ordered an entirely new batch of newer model glover or just switched supplier, I don;t know but the internalsare diffrent... The inside is light blue and has misprinted stuff on the inside which lead me to belive that they were just reject NOMEX gloves that were thrown out because of a printing error but then I realized that the leather lis lighter grey on the real pair... But the inside is now diffrent but this dosen't effect it's function and I am not really bothered what they look like on the inside... But It is a good buy if you want something to keep your hands warm and protected but don't go overstraning them.
Date Added: 04/06/2010 by Joshua Homer
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