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NVG PVS-7 Night Vision Goggle Bracket Mount for M88 PASGT Helmet


This accessory fits on the front of any PASGT style helmet, it is made of aluminium and is quite light and sturdy. I woulden't like to trust a grand's worth of night viewing equipment on this but it looks good on any helmet, bare or with a cover. The thing arrives in a small packet and contains the clip, the screw and nut. To install it, locate the center screw/rivvet on the front of your K-pot, and find yourself an appropriatly sized drill. After drilling JUST above the rivvet or screw, you may proceed to put the mount on and screw it in. When using the cover, you simply repeat the same action but when you have done it, just make a tiny hole in the cover in the correct spot to push the screw through. It looks great on any K-pot or PASGT series helmet. I have mine on my replica LWH (Used replica PASGT, added LWH chinstrap and MARPAT cover, helmet band and this NVG mount), it looks like the real deal!
Date Added: 04/06/2010 by Joshua Homer
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