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Modular Half Face Protector Mouth Mask Multi Camo


first, they display the mask worn incorrectly. secondly, it is held together by velcro and not a button. thirdly, i do not have a heavy set face and it JUST fits me ear to ear. i dont know about protection but only because i have not gotten a shot to the face... luckily. breaths pretty well but when i wear goggles, specificly the 'USMC Airsoft X800 Tactical Goggle Glasses GX1000', it forces the steam from my breath up into the lens causing it to fog. personally i feel its a design flaw and a simple strip of light weight forming metal in medical face masks or even foam for insulation could fix this simple problem and force the air downward and out the sides or bottoms, reducing if not completely ridding fogging of your goggles which we all aware its a known problem.
Date Added: 12/31/2010 by Robert Nolan
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