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M88 PASGT Replica Steel Helmet Black


Its a great helmet, it wont break nor bend, very strong and not at all heavy enough to distort or disorientate your head, doesnt block your view, the only faults/downsides would be its painted black and is green underneath, but thats not problem if you buy a helmet cover, you would barely notice it as it is a dark green, the paint doesnt come off easily so dont worry about it, the 2nd and last would be the strap is very thin, its strong though, and the buttons that attach it pop open easily, it would be better if it had a strap system similar to the "USMC IBH Helmet w/ NVG PVS-7 Goggle Mount" on this website, otherwise its great and realistic, very much recomended!
Date Added: 01/29/2010 by Harry Osler
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