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Holographic Tactical 553 Type Red/Green Reflex Dot Sight


I purchased this sight and it arrived in a little over a week. I inserted the batteries and, no sign of life. I tried other batteries and still nothing. The correct battery orientation is not clear by the markings on the battery holder so I tried both ways (trusting that reverse polarity protection would be in place, wrong-see below). I decided to return the unit for a replacement and found the rather severe return-refund policies of the company (the purchaser returns it to Hong Kong at his own expense). I sent an e-mail stating my intention and received a reply in less than a day giving the instructions for return to Hong Kong for a replacement. I went to FedEx and was told that the cheapest shipping fee would be $88! That’s more than I paid for the sight plus shipping. The post office would have been cheaper ($36.29) but still it appeared nonsensical to send it back. I was brought up at a time when you fixed things that were broken so I opened it up and found that the wire from the positive battery connection had come off the soldering foil on the circuit board. I soldered it on and reassembled it. I had more problems due to battery placement confusion where I found that putting the batteries in backwards results is so much current draw that the batteries grew hot within seconds. Fortunately, no harm to the sight and it now works fine. My son is very happy with it.

Battery placement: The ends of the battery case are marked with + and -. Does that mean that the + and – sides of the battery stick out or are inserted first? It is unclear. The instruction sheet has it shown correctly. Most electronic devices have reverse polarity protection (how much does one diode cost?!!). It is strange that this doesn’t. Be careful. The polarity markings indicate the side of the battery that is inserted first.
Date Added: 08/22/2011 by Steve Kraman
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