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Holographic Tactical 551 Type Red/Green Reflex Dot Sight


Follow up to my previous review.

Previously I reviewed without submitting an RMA because I paid a lot for shipping, and every company I've dealt with has made me ship the damaged product back, and pay for the shipping, in this case I would have paid almost as much as the item was worth. HOWEVER within 4 hours of submitting my previous review, Airsoft-Club contacted me asking if they could replace my damaged sight with a brand new one, something I have NEVER seen a company do! Airsoft-Club will be getting much more business from me because of this excellent customer service!!!

So on to the actual sight review, the new one's screws are great, nice and solid. The new one actually has an EOTech logo on the battery cover, which is pretty awesome looking :) and best of all, it's still 100% intact after playing with it quite a bit. (I waited 2 weeks before posting this to make sure it would hold up, and it has!)

Airsoft-Club, my hat is off to you, THANK YOU!!!!!
Date Added: 12/10/2011 by Andrew Howell
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