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Guarder C5 Anti Fog Tactical Airsoft SWAT Army Goggle


I received these yesterday with an order I placed from Airsoft-Club. First impressions: VERY nice goggle case that comes with them... pretty sturdy so if some gear were to land on it, your goggles may make it through without any damage. Upon opening the case, the goggles had a nice goggle bag protecting the lens as well... Also a nice touch.
The goggles themselves are very light, look to be made from high quality materials and have some removable vents that allow more/less air in while playing. The goggles have a nice foam inside of them so they shouldnt be hard on the face. The strap is large enough to use with a helmet, but also adjustable enough that it should work for an adult head without anything on.
I haven't used them in a skirmish yet, so if they really are Anti-fog or if they will fall short of the title I am not sure. My previous goggles were JT Spectra Anti fog's with the crosswind fan... While I like the fact they never fogged, they were bulky and heavy compared to these.

The only thing I wish Guarder would have incorporated into this system is a fan of some kind like the ESS Profile's. I plan to use a small computer fan and a 9v to fix this issue, but it would have been nice from the factory.

After using these in skirmish I will try to get back on here and update my review with the performance aspect of the goggles, but as of right now, I am very happy with the way they look.
Date Added: 09/03/2010 by Eric Gallagan
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