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FSBE LBV Load Bearing Molle Assault Vest Multi Camo


This vest is fantastic and for a fantastic price. It comes with all the necessary pouches (mine came with a different admin pouch than the one in the pic). You can fit 6 m16/m4 mags in the triple pouch (if you remove the covers). The medic pouch on the side is large enough to fit my a&k box mag and the last pouch can fot 2 ak mags or whatever you see fit. This is relatively durable, my only gripe is that the two buckles on the front undo themselves because they are a little weak (but I just jury rigged it with some tan tape and you can tell the difference). I love this vest because its so light and maneuverable. You can customize it like crazy. The "bib" (what the admin pouch is attached to) can fold down into a pocket that's under the vest turning this into an awesome chest rig. It's like having two products in one! And if you're worried about it not having a hydration pouch, worry not because the best thing to do is run the backpack straps of your hydration pouch through the shoulder straps of the vest and it's like and extension of the vest. Believe me you want this vest. I'm still finding out about all the wonders this vest has to offer. Shipping took about a week. In a couple weeks check for an in-depth youtube video of this. What are you waiting for?! This is the best deal of the century. Airsoft Club... I.Love.You
Date Added: 08/03/2011 by Henry Theuvenin
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