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ES Style Tactical TurboFan Goggles with 2 Speed Black


I have glasses, an these fit over them, BIG plus. I cant say they will for everyone, but the extra space for the fan adds just enough for me to fit my specs behind. That aside, the fan works well, its not absolutely perfect when you really start working up a sweat, an it can actually be REALLY noisy on the high speed setting when your in a quiet CQB fight. But honestly they're pretty great. I dont like mesh due to the possibility of small fragments coming through, so I wanted a set of decent goggles, these are very very good. Lovely case, second/spare lense, lense cover, seem very well made an show no signs of wear after a good couple of weekends. If I ever have to get another set, I'll be buying these again. Top product
Date Added: 06/17/2013 by Chris Robelou
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