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Airsoft Molle Canteen Hydration Combat RRV Vest Multi Camo


excellent for an airsoft vest. i love the way the RRV feels when comparing to my friends plate carrier vest that he brought home from from the military. his of course does feel more durable but i cant agree with wearing something so heavy. WHO should wear this vest? Anyone who is getting into, or has been into airsoft for a while but doesn't pay too much attention to realistic mil-sim necessities. sure you could get a pantec or eagle vest, but why if you dont need it? as for fitting, i am 5'7 and roughly between 150-160 average/slim build and it just fits me. if you are any smaller then you probably would want to either bulk up or wear clothing underneath, a shirt or two and a bdu set up might do the trick for taking up the extra space. it doesnt bounce around for me but i also have my 1 point sling holding it down as well. i would have liked my 5.56 mag pouches to be separate. should one of them have a tear over time.

-$$$$$$$ _---save more of that
-plenty of room front and back

-one size fits all is more like one size fits most these days, so bulk up!!!

otherwise an A+ buy from airsoft-club
Date Added: 12/31/2010 by Robert Nolan
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