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1x20 QD S-Point Red Dot Sight with Auto Brightness Control


This is probably the best looking z-point replica you could find, it has the trade and everything. However, it's a piece of decoration that does not work at all, the auto brightness adjustment is there, however, in dark environment, it goes so dim that it's basically off, and unless you shine a torch light onto the top, the sight won't be bright enough to be visible most of the time. Second problem being, the sight will never zero to a usable state, it bottoms out when you first get them, all the way to the right and top, so it's off center to the left when you are maxed out on the elevation setting already. If you want a dead weight to decorate your mp7, this would make it look great, but if you want it to aid your aim, forget it.
Date Added: 01/19/2012 by Aaron Lee
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