Army Force CNC 8mm Bearing QD AEG Gearbox Shell Ver.2 Red


  • Model: AS5753
  • Manufactured by: Army Force


  • Army Force CNC 8mm Bearing QD AEG Gearbox Shell.
  • Essential part for upgrading your airsoft electric gun AEG.
  • Made by CNC Metal material.
  • To build a tight & durable gearbox.
  • Include 8mm bearing and QD spring guide.
  • Quick spring change spring guide design without having to take apart gearbox.
  • For gearbox version 2.


  • Army Force model no. - AF-IN0061
  • Color - Red
  • Weight - 183g
  • Material - Made by CNC Metal
  • Gearbox type - Version 2
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